Hey, we're Woolley.

We’re a small creative agency that works with purpose-driven brands. We’re all outdoor industry veterans who have come together for the community and collaboration that being part of a team brings.

We’re experts in outdoor content as well as creative strategy and execution. Also, big fans of being outside and coffee. Even drip, when absolutely necessary.




Yep, we can help you with that.

Without all the overhead of a typical agency, no project is too small (or too big).

Logos + Typography
Website design
Creative strategy
Lifestyle photography
Product photography
Studio photography
Environmental photography
Social media content
Murals + Billboards
Apparel design
Print prep


We can help you where you’re at right now.
Scale is just a thing we use to weigh our espresso shots.

Small, medium, or mighty.

(Size of project)

Creative services should be
simple & straightforward.

Also, fun.

With Woolley, you won’t be hit with any hidden fees, you won’t have to decipher a fuzzy pricing structure, and you won’t get stuck talking to anyone other than the one working on your project.

1. Simple.

We don’t have dedicated project management, customer relations, or sales teams. We’re a group of creatives who enjoy wearing a lot of hats, building relationships with our clients and managing our projects.

We bill hourly and we only bill for the hours we work for you. If that’s less than we proposed, you win. If it’s more, we talk to you ASAP or we absorb it. There’s no ‘value-based’ (read: vague) proposals with a bunch of hidden fees.

2. Straightforward.

3. Collaborative.

Because we only work with clients we believe in, it’s easy for us to invest ourselves fully for you. We listen and ask maybe an absurd amount of questions before we get to work. Because we don’t win unless you win.

Our team

We're stoked to get to know you.


Owner / Principal Photographer

Thom has been taking pictures since he was ten years old. Lots of pictures. Apparently, it’s something he enjoys. He spent over fifteen years wearing a lot of hats around REI Co-op’s media studio and creative teams before launching his own businesses.

He’s a husband and a dad first, a creative second, and somewhere down that list, a definitive geek on mudding drywall.


Principal Creative Director / Designer

Kat has been working in the creative industry for over sixteen years. She finds the most purpose helping outdoor communities thrive. After emigrating from Slovakia with her family as a kid, she spent most of her life in the Pacific Northwest. She now lives in the small mountain town of Silverton, Colorado.

When not creating visual stories, Kat loves to bike in the desert and explore the high mountains. She likes to photograph and write about the diverse places she visits.

  • doesn’t have all the answers.
  • is committed to doing good.
  • walks the talk.
  • is up for a challenge.
  • thinks this stuff is fun.
  • is all about community and collaboration.