Woolley isn't just a crazy word.

The Canadian Rockies where Woolley gets our name.

Stronger together.

Working as a team brings us opportunity in both scale and scope of projects.

Deep in the Canadian Rockies hides the north face of North Twin.
It’s maybe best-viewed from a little spot known simply as Woolley Shoulder.
Woolley shoulder
Ascent magazine, 1975 – 1976
Woolley is founded on the idea of combining what’s good about working with a team with what’s good about working for ourselves. A lot of time was spent creating an agency that genuinely supports and enriches all of us who call Woolley ours. It’s built around the values of doing the work we love together, while giving back to each other and to our communities. It’s created with equitability in every way: from how we collaborate and support one another to how we share in the profits of our business.

Okay, that sounds kind of cool. What else?

Speaking of collaboration, everyone is involved in decisions that affect Woolley, including the ways we operate, the work we take on, and how we show up as a team.

We’re all responsible for bringing work to Woolley. This gives all of us opportunities to meet with our clients and to carry projects through their full lifecycle, from concept to execution to delivery.

We only work when there’s work. Like being freelance, there’s no guaranteed salary. That also means you get to set your own schedule.

Still sound cool?

We’re always looking for talented creatives who are never quite satisfied, always curious, and sometimes nerdy.

Send us a note.

We're stoked to hear your story.

Send us a note.

We're stoked to hear your story.